Frequently Asked Questions


How can I set up a shoot with you?

Easy! Just ask! If we are going to the same convention or event, just let us know ahead of time. We normally don't set up a solid booking schedule, but we'll try and communicate with you beforehand or during the convention/event to figure out details of where and when to meet.

How much do you charge for a photo shoot?

Zero dollars! We do photo shoots for fun and to meet new friends. Tips are welcome, but never expected or necessary. Or, if you REALLY want to help us out at a convention, you can always bring us a bottle of water or a Gatorade, and we'll call it even. ^^

How long do your photo shoots last?

This can vary depending on our shooting conditions. If outdoor temperatures are hot and unbearable, probably not very long. If shooting indoors in a cooler environment, then maybe a little longer. It also depends on how many posing ideas we have, and the character you are cosplaying. A typical convention photo shoot can last anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes. But, we've also done photo shoots that have lasted as long as five or six hours (with breaks, of course)

After our photo shoot, how long will it take for me to get some photos back?

This can vary depending on many conditions. Just like many of you, most of our team members have a daytime job they have to go back to after the convention or event is over, which usually sucks up at least eight hours of our day. Also, take into account other life and family commitments. Keep in mind we might shoot with several people at a convention, and they are ALL wanting photos afterwards. We always try to work on at least a few from each cosplayer or group within the first few days after a convention or event, so everyone gets at least a couple photos back within the first week or so. Other photos are worked on whenever we get spare time to do so.

Also, keep in mind "creative roadblocks" can add to the time. There may come a day when our editors actually do have some free time, but their mind isn't feeling very artistic (much like an artist or a painter staring at a blank canvas and not knowing what to paint). We'd rather wait and edit photos on a day when we are feeling 100% artistic, rather than do a "forced edit" and only do a halfway-job.

Can you send me ALL of the photos from our shoot?

No. We take hundreds of photos during a photo shoot and SEVERAL hundred during a convention. If we sent EVERY PHOTO to EVERY PERSON, we would be spending more time “uploading photos” than we would be “editing photos”. Do you know how long it takes to upload 100+ high-res photos to an online storage service like Google Drive? A long time!

Furthermore, the several photos we take during a shoot could be very similar poses, just slightly different angles. We do not edit every single photo taken. We only edit the BEST-LOOKING ONES. That’s why if 80 to 100 photos are taken during a photo shoot, you might only get a small number of good ones back.

In addition, we don’t have a lot of online storage capacity to store every photo if multiple people make this request.

Can I help you edit the photos?

This is a BIG NO. Unless under the rare circumstance you have special permission from that photographer, a photographer’s photo should NEVER be tampered with. This includes cropping-out watermarks. 

If you were to take that photo, and do a poor job at editing it, and post it as that photographer's work, it could give that photographer bad publicity.

Most photographers have "a vision" when they snap a photo. If YOU edit that photo, you are taking that artistic vision away from them.


Do you supply the outfits/wigs?

No. Everyone we shoot with supplies their own outfits, costumes, and wigs. It doesn't matter if you made them yourself, had someone else make it for you, bought it off of eBay, or whatever.

If I'm under 18, will you still shoot with me?

We don't mind taking photos of you and doing a photo shoot with you if you are under 18. BUT, there are a few rules. We will only shoot with you in public areas of the convention (in areas where we can easily be seen by others), and we will not shoot "sexy" poses or anything that could be considered of a sexual nature. We also strongly recommend having a parent or guardian present, or at least an older sibling who's over 18.

I want to pose "sexy" or "provocative". Are you comfortable with that?

 Yes. We are open to however you like to pose. If those are the poses you want, then we can go for it. However, for anything "sexy" or "provocative", you MUST be 18 years of age or older. If your age is in question, we might ask to see some sort of identification just to be sure.

I'm interested in "boudoir". Do you shoot that?

Yes. We have experience with shooting boudoir. We don't always have a place to shoot boudoir, so be sure to ask BEFORE the convention or event, so we can plan accordingly. You are also welcome to bring one guest with you that you trust (boyfriend, girlfriend, brother, sister, etc.). We ask to keep the number of "guests" limited to one, because hotel rooms usually are not that large. Our photographer will need to set up lighting and be able to easily move around the shooting area. This can be difficult if there are 10 of your friends in the room, too. ^^

And yes, you can get as "undressed" during the shoot as you are comfortable with.

Once again, you MUST be 18 years of age or older to shoot boudoir with us, but that SHOULD go without having to say it. ^^

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