What we're known for!

Location Shoots!


Whenever possible, and whenever we have permission to do so from business or property owners, we like to use REAL locations for our cosplay photos. 

The Convention Scene


We visit many anime and fan conventions throughout the southeastern United States, and we love shooting with cosplayers! Just ask us, we'll probably shoot with you!

After Dark!


During the past couple of years, we've begun shooting cosplay-themed boudoir. These shoots are usually private with only trusted individuals present, and are a little more on the "sexy" side.

It's all about cosplay photography!

Cosplay is our main focus!


Whether you cosplay by yourself, or you have a small group, we always try to get the best photos with the best backgrounds possible.

We use natural locations!


Natural light sources help create the best photos. We try to use all sources of natural indirect light to our advantage. However, we do use our own strobe lights and create our own light effects when needed.

We Have the Experience!


Our founder, Michael, has photography experience dating back to 2007, and has been doing Cosplay Photography since 2010. He's picked up many tricks along the way!